Help your friends, family & followers find the products you recommend.

What is a Staash?

A staash is both a thing and an action. You “staash” by creating shoppable collections of your favorite products—grouped into a “staash'”—so your friends, family & followers can buy the products you love.  

Why Staash?

We’ve all used a wish list at some point and recommended a product to someone we know. lets you do both. Build a stash of things you want to buy or things you think your friends,
family and followers should buy.

Make money! is an influencer-centric community, and we make it easy to earn cash for your expertise.

Be noticed.’s community of users is ready to see products from credible influencers like you.

Making lists is easy, and notifications mean your followers never miss your recommendations. gives you flexibility. Add additional photos and text to bring your recommendations to life.

It’s your commission. Earn it!

Staash is free to use. Add affiliate codes to your profile
and keep 100% of earnings on purchases from your Staashs.

How to Staash

Add Items in Minutes

Add products to your staash with just a few clicks. It’s that easy.

Share Everywhere

Tell your community about your staash wherever they follow you.

Affiliate Revenue

Use your existing affiliate codes to earn money when someone buys from your staash.

More than just a link..

Staash Products of All Kinds

From staashs of outfits to your favorite makeup or your awesome camera gear….
Staash is a place for people who know a good group of products when they see it.